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Freight Broker Bonds

Freight broker bonds are also known as the BMC 84 bond or the ICC broker bond. The BMC 84 surety bond ensures licensed freight brokers and forwarders adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.


Contract Bonds

Required by the State for project-based work, including Bid or Proposal Bonds, Construction Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Supply Bonds.


License & Permit Bonds

Some businesses are required by law to purchase a surety bond before being able to operate, including health spas, liquor distributors, motor vehicle dealers, and tax professionals.


Miscellaneous Bonds

These bonds fall outside the other categories listed and include Lease Bonds, Utility Bonds, Lost Securities Bonds, and Self-Insurers.

Federal Government Bonds

Some agencies of the Federal Government accept or require surety bonds in a variety of circumstances, including Immigration Bonds, Customs Bonds, and Alcoholic Beverage Bonds.


Worker’s Compensation Bonds

To protect workers on the job, this type of bond ensures that employers will faithfully pay any worker’s compensation benefits owed to the employee.


Public Official Bonds

Treasurers, notaries, court clerks, judges, and other public officials may be required to obtain a bond to guarantee dutiful performance.


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